Constructing Structures. About age, and age in the art world, first and foremost from a female perspective

The fourth edition. (Covid-19 limited)

In the fourth edition we focused on AGE and age in the art world and the unfair treatment of male and female art workers taking place today. Artists and curators were invited to reflect on the matters of age, gender equality, and how to improve the situation. We also focused on the lack of buildings to house the history of female artists, and how it affects the female legacy, not being housed.

Who builds, who constructs and who owns?

Curated by founder Tanja Sæter. Sadly there was no co-curator this year because of Covid-19, but curator Una Mathiesen Gjerde presented parts of the project SYKLUS.

Location: Hovedøya, in the Oslo fjord.
Dates: 15.09-18.10.2020

Covid-19 turned this into a different edition, with a shortened conference program and an extended exhibition period, welcoming thousands of visiting Oslo locals who traveled by ferry to the island.

A Glitch in The System

It is a fact that the art scene is one of the least equal places to work when a woman reaches the age of 35-45.
The work situation is often lightly to change in connection with childbirth. Growing older is a general threat to a woman’s future career and many drop out of the arts in silence and in shame for not managing to balance their artist career with having children or just the fact that they became older, childbirth or not. Does the belief in talent, the free market and in ”free art” make life an unfair survival of the fittest game for most women in the arts?

Program for Female Artists

Coast Contemporary launched the beginning of a new program, aiming to improve gender inequality in the arts and to make it easier to survive as a ”female artist”. Our program encourages artists to travel with children and we tailor the program to suit the participating artist with child. The development, implementation and adjustments will continue to 2024 and is supported by Norsk Kulturråd / The Arts Council. If you wish to contribute or share your experiences and thoughts please email office@coastcontemporary.no

Artists 2020: Jennie Bringaker, Tonje Bøe Birkeland, Esra Düzen, Una Mathiesen Gjerde, Olivia Hernaïz (BR), Ingunn Hvalø Hansen, Marin Håskjold, Anne Karin Jortveit, Åse Løvgren, Janine Magelssen, Zoë Miller (GE), Wencke Mühleisen, Karen Nikgol, Magnhild Øen Nordahl, Maria Pasenau, Nicole Rafiki, Inger Johanne Rasmussen, Peder Simonsen, Ane Barstad Solvang, Kari Steihaug, Anne-Lise Stenseth, Kristin Tårnesvik og Lene Baadsvig Ørmen.

Constructing Structures Program
Catalogue: Constructing Structures – 2020