Archive 2017-2023

“Sea Troll” (1967) by Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907-1994). Photo: Galleri Espolin – Museum Nord.


Ocean Eyes

The seventh edition.

‘Ocean Eyes’, the seventh edition of the Coast Contemporary festival was curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas from Lithuania. It was poised to deliver an open thought-provoking program that celebrated various aspects of (im)possible collaborations and encounters with the unknown, be it the future, unthinkable, untold stories or the ocean, for example.

Through a range of presentations, performances, readings, lectures, hiking, screenings, and other activities or events, the festival provided a platform for invited artists, critics, curators, cultural producers and the public to encounter potential new friendships and numerous presents.

Locations: Lofuotta/Láfot/Lofoten and Bergen, September 18. – 22. 2023.

WOOLWALKER. Performance by marita Isobel Solberg at Alfheim Public Bath. Presented in collaboration with Kurant9000. Photo: Mihaly Stefanovic.


Land of Prey – Witch-hunting in the 21st century

The sixth edition.

Edition six focused on the ongoing witch-hunts in the world today, with a glance at the persecutions of the past combined with contemporary artistic practices.

Land of Prey was curated by Tanja Sæter and the Gambaga and Ghanian part of the program was co-curated with Larry Ibrahim Mohammed.
The presentation of Marita Isobel Solberg and Henrik Sørlid was co-curated with Kurant9000.

Locations: Tromsø and Bergen
Dates: 26.09.-02.10. 2022.

“Magpies to the echoes exchange” takes shape of a dinner ~ conversation piece ~ non linear effort of being together. Performance by Apparatus 22. Photo: Daniel Vincent Hansen.


Time as a Social Institution

The fifth edition. (Covid-19 limited).

Reflections around different perspectives of Time.
The hunt for a better future becomes an edited and filtered edition of the past, and as we try to find ways to escape and colonize other planets we see our own eco systems falling apart.

Covid-curated by Tanja Sæter. The Trondheim art-walk program was made in collaboration with artists Veslemøy Lilleengen and Per Kristian Nygård.

Locations: Trondheim and Bergen.
Dates: 20. – 26. 09, 2021

ALPHAFEMAIL. Painting and photography by Maria Pasenau, 2020. Photo Jan Khür.


Constructing Structures. About age, and age in the art world, first and foremost from a female perspective

The fourth edition. (Covid-19 limited).

In the fourth edition we focused on AGE and age in the art world and the unfair treatment of male and female art workers taking place today. Artists and curators were invited to reflect on the matters of age, gender equality, and how to improve the situation. We also focused on the lack of buildings to house the history of female artists, and how it affects the female legacy, not being housed.

Who builds, who constructs and who owns?

Curated by founder Tanja Sæter.
International program was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Location: Hovedøya, in the Oslo fjord.
Dates: 15.09-18.10.2020

Participatory performance by Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Håholmen 2019.



The third edition.

Focusing on the strong artist unions in Norway, solidarity economics, the political and artist governed and artist-run scene, and how political artists work and organize. Or don´t organize.

Curated by artist Sverre Gullesen and founder Tanja Sæter.
Curatorial contributions by Valentinas Klimasauskas and by Fotogalleriet.

I thought I could organize freedom
How Scandinavian of me

Hunter by Björk
(Homogenic, 1997)

Locations: Molde, Håholmen, Kristiansund, Hurtigruten and Bergen.

Daisuke Kosugi performing in a cabin on Hurtigruten. Photo: Laimonas Puisys.


Rugged, weathered, above the sea

The second edition.

Coast Contemporary explored the social, economic, and political values of the Norwegian landscape. Rugged, weathered, above the sea built upon the Romantic pictorial and literary construction of Norway through its landscape to question the enduring depiction of an untouched and limitless territory: a depiction at odds with the country’s oil production boom and its intensive fish farming industry. This experimented into the “politics of landscape”.

Curated by Charles Aubin, in dialogue with founder Tanja Sæter.
The film program evolution, meet orgasm was curated by Rhea Dall and Charles Aubin.
Art Book Fair co-curated by Bergen Art Book Fair, Mondo Books, Heavy Books and Lodret Vanret.
Curatorial contributions by several institutions invited to bring an artist for The Cabin Series.

Locations: Lofoten, Hurtigruten (a ship), Trondheim and Bergen.

Midnight Slump, performance by Hanne Lippard in a cabin on Hurtigruten presented by Stavanger Kunsthall. Photo: Valentinas Klimasauskas.


Coast Contemporary

The first edition.

The program focused on the strong artist run scene in Norway, institutions initiated by artists, and the art scene as a whole, as we are all, or at least should be, in the same boat.

The first edition was co-curated by Helga-Marie Nordby and founder Tanja Sæter.

Curatorial contributions by institutions invited to bring an artist in The Cabin Series were:

SCHLOSS, artist-run space in Oslo presented Gerasimos Floratos and Veronica Bruce. Curator Ida Ekblad.

RAKE artist-run space in Trondheim presented Hanna Fauske.
Curators Charlotte Stokstad and Trygve Ohren.

UKS – Young Artists Society /National Artist Union presented Nora Joung.
Curated by Rhea Dall.

1857, artist-run space in Oslo presented Nancy Lupo.
Curators Stian Eide Kluge and Steffen Håndlykken.

Entrée, artist-run space in Bergen presenting Danilo Correale.
Curator Randi Grov Berger.

Kunsthall Stavanger presented Hanne Lippard.
Curator Hanne Mugaas.

Locations: Svolvær, Kvalnes and Henningsvær in Lofoten, Hurtigruten (a ship), Trondheim and Bergen.