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Upcoming: Land of Prey – witch-hunting in the 21st century

Dates: September 26. – October 2. 2022
Locations: Tromsø and Bergen, Norway.
You are cordially and earnestly invited to attend.
Program for Land of Prey 2022
International Program and Institutions in Norway (BIOs)
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Coast Contemporary’s sixth edition focuses on the ongoing witch-hunts in the world today, with a glance at the persecutions of the past combined with contemporary artistic practices.

Witch hunting and witches is frequently addressed as a romanticized phenomenon of the past.
A ghost. A myth.
Yet we should remind ourselves that there is nothing past, immaterial or mythical about the thousands of women that bear the accusation of being witches to this day; who are tortured and murdered. The realities of witch-hunts are still very much with us.

Why is this important matter not on the Worlds Agenda?

We wish to draw attention to the fact that women are brutally hunted as witches in 2022. We will try to use art activism, the law, poetry, internet, personal stories and discussions to shed light on the situation in various ways, and link todays situation with historical witch-hunts. Hopefully we will contribute to some useful tools and be able to bring attention to the fact that we co-exist in a time where women are still slaughtered as “witches” in ways just as cruel as in the 16th century.

At the same time we will present a part of the vibrant, spiritual, eco-critical and interesting local art scene in Tromsø and in Bergen intertwined in the program.

Land of Prey is curated by Tanja Sæter.
The Gambaga and Ghana part of the program advised by Larry Ibrahim Mohammed.
The presentation of Marita Isobel Solberg and Henrik Sørlid is co-curated with Anna Näumann and Kurant9000.

Coast is supported by The Arts Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassies in France and London and the Consulate General in New York, Music Norway, Tromsø Municipality, Bergen Municipality and Stiftelsen Fritt Ord.

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