A selection of published reports, logbooks, podcasts and reviews 2017 – 2023

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D2 21.09.2017 / Dagens Næringsliv / Kunstnerne stikker til sjøs / By Øyunn Rishøy Hedemann

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Kunstkritikk 28.09.2017 / Vi er alle i samme båt / We are all in the same boat / Report by Nora Joung

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Spike Art Magazine 17.10.2017 / Mit Schiff, Fish und Scaum / Logbook by Robert Schulte

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Frieze 24.10.2017 / Coast Contemporary / Review by Adam Kleinman

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Weekendavisen / Arktisk Vækkelse / Review by Maria Kjær Themsen

Art Agenda

Art Agenda 29.09.2017 / Lofoten International Art Festival 2017, “I Taste the Future” / Review of LIAF by Orit Gat

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UKS (Young Artists Society) at Coast Contemporary. Nora Joung – A Retrospective.
Curated by Rhea Dall.

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Hyperallergic 29.09.2017 / Tensions Over Untapped Oil Run Just Beneath the Surface at a Norwegian Art Festival / Review of LIAF by Karen Gardiner

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La Stampa 09.10.2017 / L’arte naviga tra i fiordi / Review by Manuela Gandini

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New Scientist 11.10.2017 / Scandinavias Artists Confront a Dark HorizonIt’s time artists woke up to the power at their fingertips / By Simon Ings

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Alfabeta 2, 13.10.2017 / Viaggio in Norvegia / Review by Francesca Pasini

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OCULA 10.11.2017 / Tanja Sæter in Conversation / OCULA Conversation by Cathryn Drake

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Elephant Magazine / Nordic Lights and Romantic Delutions / Column by Ben Eastham / Issue 34 (in print)

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Billedkunst 2017 No 5 / Brytning i Bergen / Critique by Liv Brissach

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典藏 挪威海岸艺术节

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Art China / By Wu Wei

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Hanne Lippard / Stavanger Kunsthall

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Art World 325 / Behind the Scene / By Jia Lin

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Artco China / Norwegian Contemporary Art / -And the Treasures Come from the Ocean

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Billedkunst Materie 2018, No 6 / Ritualer / Furet, værbitt over vannet / Rugged, weathered, above the sea / Critique by Pernille Mercury Linstad

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Stefan Mensch 29.10.2018 Cultureblog

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Die Welt 06.01.2019 / Kann Norwegen nur Männerliteratur? / By Claudia Schumacher

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Monopol Magazin / Auf Kunstkreuzfart entlang der norwegischen Küste / Reportage by Saskia Trebing

Bbb97d32 eb65 422e 9024 cec5d3eb33fa 25.10.2018 / „DASS DAS HERZ SICH ÖFFNET.“ EINE REISE NACH NORWEGEN, DEM GASTLAND DER BUCHMESSE 2019. Cultureblog by KULTURTUSSI

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Droste Effect 07.01.2019 / Rugged, weathered above the sea / Reportage by Lorenza Pigniatti

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Flash Art 01.02.2019 / Notes from aboard the MS Trollfjord / Report by Jennifer Piejko

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Romsdals Budstikke 14.10.2019 / Coast Contemporary på Håholmen / Feature by Rigmor Sjaastad Hagen

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Ask Addoley + Anna – Season 2. 13 English episodes.
Commissioned by Coast Contemporary 2019.

Ask Addoley + Anna is a collaboration between artists Addoley Dzegede and Anna Ihle in the form of a podcast. Ask Addoley + Anna offers advice on career, home economics and relationships. Season 2 contains 13 episodes and interviews with 16 of our guests attending Organized Freedom – Coast´s third edition, curated by Sverre Gullesen and Tanja Sæter in 2019. Click on the Coast Cast page for more details on each episode.
Location Molde / Håholmen / Hurtigruten

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Kunstkritikk 14.09.2020 / Vi må kreve bygninger for vår historie / We must demand buildings to house our history. Interview with founder Tanja Sæter, by Tiril Flom.

Kunstpodden logo

The doomed girls island / De fortapte pikers øy.
KUNSTPODDEN podcast by Editor Cecilie Tyri Holdt, ADLINK and Flink Pike. 29.10.2020.

Interview with Tanja Sæter, founder of CC and curator of Coasts fourth edition Constructing Structures.
KUNSTPODDEN is an art podcast based in Oslo, covering the art scene.
Norwegian language.
Location: Hovedøya in the Oslo-fjord.

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ArtScene Trondheim 29.09.202 / Tidsrom: BABEL (Void of Time)
Review by Aksel Langum Øien of the exhibition Time as a Social Institution presented at the collaborating venue BABEL visningsrom for kunst, the artist-run gallery space of Lademoen Artist Studios 21.- 26.2021

Location: Trondheim, Norway

Artists presented at BABEL: Ørjan Amundsen, Breton Cassette (17 artists and cassette releases), Anne Marthe Dyvi, Lesia Vasylchenko and USIKKERKUNSTJENTE (consisting of Alexandra Jegerstedt and Iben Isabell Krogsgaard).
Curated by Coast founder Tanja Sæter.

“In September, works by five artists were shown, as well as an audiovisual discography from the publisher Breton Cassette at the BABEL exhibition room for art. The exhibition is part of Coast Contemporary, a program of conferences, exhibitions and performances in Trondheim and Bergen. It is a project that since 2016 has aimed to establish a common platform for dialogue and communication between curators and creative artists. This year it takes place under the title Time as a Social Institution where curator Tanja Sæter conceptualizes an almost dystopian reflection on socio-cultural dilemmas and paradoxes in the contemporary search for a better future. A hunt portrayed as a time travel between futuristic and romantic, sentimentally nostalgic institutions.”

Report from Land of Prey. Witch-hunting in the 21st Century by Carina Elisabeth Beddari.

WOOLWALKER by Marita Isobel Solberg. Photo: Mihaly Stefanovicz
WOOLWALKER by Marita Isobel Solberg. Photo: Mihaly Stefanovicz

Ullen Kunstkritikk. KUNSTKRITIKK 18.10.2022
Comment by Tanja Sæter.

Marita tromsø

HAKAPIK 28.12.2022
Insisterende Fortrolig
Review of WOOLWALKER, a performance by Marita Isobel Solberg. By Leif Magne Tangen.

HAKAPIK 11.01.2023

Kenneth og tanja i bergen

Coast Contemporary: Solidarisk og saktegående kunstaktivisme.
Interview with founder Tanja Sæter by Editor Hilde Sørstrøm.

Mytiske sjøtroll og det umulige. KUNSTAVISEN 2023
Interview with curator Valentinas Klimasauskas