Time as a Social Institution

The fifth edition. (Covid-19 limited)

Reflections around different perspectives of Time.
The hunt for a better future becomes an edited and filtered edition of the past, and as we try to find ways to escape and colonize other planets we see our own eco systems falling apart.

Covid-curated by Tanja Sæter. The Trondheim art-walk program was made in collaboration with artists Veslemøy Lilleengen and Per Kristian Nygård.

Locations: Trondheim and Bergen.
Dates: 20. – 26. 09, 2021

Looking at the Social Institutions in society today (from a sociologic perspective) they are; politics, education, economy, family and religion. It is necessary to imagine other social institutions and needed additions. During this edition we turned to art, sound, media archeology, horology, humans, videos, buildings, literature, nature, philosophy and alternative institutions outside and within, and reflect around some of the different perspectives of Time.

The Covid times we were in had had great impact on this edition, and we are deeply grateful to advisor and college Kenneth Varpe and artist college Per Kristian Nygård that this edition took place. Sincere thanks to the artists, our speakers, the staff, our funders and our collaborative institutions: Lademoen Artist Studios and BABEL, Bergen Kunsthall, Svartlamon, VISP, Entrée, Bergen Open, Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst (K-U-K), Rosendal Theater and Kunsthall Trondheim for being there with us, in-between lockdowns.

The 2021 edition was supported by The Arts Council / Kulturrådet, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Norwegian Embassy in Paris, KORO – Art in Public Space, Bergen Municipality and Trondheim Municipality.