Pod 004
Filmstill from pod, by Richard Alexandersson.

pod (2017/2018)
3D animation video

Richard Alexandersson’s pod, (12 minutes, 2017/18, HD 3D-animation) is shown for the first time in its one-channel cinematic form, readapted for Coast Contemporarys film program. pod follows a lone organism—Xenoturbella genus—traveling as a larvae-cum-seed through an animated universe of desolate waterbed terrains and deep-sea landscapes. Set in this dystopian, drowned world—reflecting yet estranged from a Norwegian shore—audiences are, as the protagonist, floating without fixation, while the Xenoturbella genus’ silent monologue gravitates towards equally dark, self-indulgent reflections on identity, authenticity, and personal improvement.

The film program evolution, meet orgasm features works by artists and filmmakers A K Dolven, Richard Alexandersson, and Anne Marthe Dyvi and Massimiliano Mollona. Lending its title from a work by word-based artist Nora Turato—a collection of online catch-phrases—the evening filters conversations between UKS Director Rhea Dall with Charles Aubin, reflecting on themes at stake in Rugged, weathered, above the sea.

Richard Alexandersson (b. 1982) works primarily with sound and video installation. Through the medium of 3D-animation and CGI he explores topics related to discrepancies between private and social domains, virtuality, and perceptions of truth and authenticity. Alexandersson graduated with an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo in 2011, and has exhibited his works at among other places SOIL Gallery, Seattle; Interstitial, Seattle; Fotogalleriet, Oslo, and Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm.