Bergen Art Book Fair

Lodret vanret

Bergen Art Book Fair

Coast Contemporary has, in collaboration with Bergen Art Book Fair, invited three Nordic publishers to host a small book fair in Hurtigruten’s own library space. The invited publishers are Mondo Books, Lodret Vandret, and Heavy Books. In addition, a selection of Norwegian artist’s books relevant to this year’s Bergen Art Book Fair is presented in anticipation of its upcoming edition on land at Bergen Kunsthall on November 1-4, 2018. During the cruise, artist Christian Tunge of Heavy Books works on an artist’s publication, which will in part be printed on board.

Bergen Art Book Fair (BABF) is a yearly event that includes over 50 independent publishers from Norway and abroad, and within the fair format represents a wide scope of artist’s books and fanzines. BABF returns to Bergen Kunsthall for its sixth instalment in 2018. The fair includes a one-day seminar, a one-night programme of presentations, performance and music, and continues over a weekend across Bergen Kunsthall’s galleries, highlighting some of the most interesting local, national, and international publications and print works. Bergen Art Book Fair is organised by Pamflett, a self-publishing workshop and exhibition space for artist’s publications and fanzines in Bergen.

All is Lost by Kay Arne Kirkebø
Alting by Mathijs van Geest
An Eating by Sophie Iremonger
An island by Jessica Williams
Be good to yourself by Katarina Skjønsberg
Bergen Art Guide by Anja Ulset
Black Lake Monologue by Kobie Nel
Bygninger by Anja Ulset
Corners, Hills by Bjørn Mortensen
Darkness wrapped in Darkness by Lisa Him-Jensen
Evenings by Mathijs van Geest
F 00115 by Katharina Monka
Filed away by Melanie Chacko
Finding Ones Voice by Jessica Williams
From a neglected panorama and the poetics of sawing by Enrique Roura
Hemostase by Anja Dahle Øverbye
Hilde Marie Pedersen: Susanna Kajermo Törner – Gnagsår by Tag Team texts
How to turn a sphere inside out by Pamflett & Lodret Vandret
I drink alone by Kay Arne Kirkebø
I took a look at the sun and it gave me a headache by Birk Bjørklo 
Inn by Anngjerd Rustand
Japan blues by Imi Maufe
Jørgen Larsson – Håndbok for lydarbeid i visningsrom by Lydgalleriet
Lykkejeger by Klara Sofie Ludvigsen
Maria Lyngstad Williassen: Petra Dahlstrøm – Light bends, cast shadows by Tag Team texts
Minerale Relasjoner by Åsne Eldøy
No one will keep this / Ingen kommer til å ta vare på dette her by Kristina Ketola Bore, Cecilie Størkson, Fredrik Hagen, Klara Sofie Ludvigsen, Kay Arne Kirkebø, Marianne Hallseth 
Noöspherics by Erin Sexton
Om å vokse opp / være voksen by Karoline Sætre
Omkrets by Linn Horntvedt
Once in a blue moon by Bruno Silva
Oslofjord by Jessica Williams
Øvingar by Kurt Johanessen
Personal political by Jessica Williams
Philipp Kleinmichel: Halvor Rønning – Stopwatch, Mayonnaise, Bible by Tag Team texts
Plantarisk tåke by Kirsti van Hoegee
Saturated Grey by Klara Sofie Ludvigsen
Sea of love by Una Margrét Árnadóttir / Örn Alexander Ámundsen
Sissel Lillebostad – Retrospektiv 2005–2015 by Lydgalleriet
SKDG by Lydia Hauge Sølvberg
Stopp kunsten by Fredrik Rysjedal
Swiss postcard by Ola Olsen Lysgaard
The eldorado commission by Scott Elliott
The Gravity of a Lake Focused Into One Point by Arild Våge Berge
The past is an finite place by Jessica Williams
To remind you of the distance by Kirsti van Hoegee
Trist Kay by Arne Kirkebø
Var kveld, ble dag by Lydia Hauge Sølvberg
Vortexringer og lysende nattskyer by Karoline Sætre
Weak Whitepower by Julie Lillelien Porter

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