Kiyoshi Yamamoto

Kiyoshi Yamamoto. Photo: Preben Holst
Kiyoshi Yamamoto. Photo: Preben Holst


Kiyoshi Yamamoto was born in Brazil by Japanese parents. He lives and works in Bergen.
He received his master’s degree in art from Bergen Academy of the Arts in 2013 and has studied at the London College of Fashion and the Escola de Belas Arts in Rio de Janeiro. Yamamoto is represented in several collections, including KODE Museum in Bergen and the Norwegian Embassy in Brazil.


For many years, Yamamoto has been inspired by the German artist and textile designer Anni Albers (1899-1994), who through a lifelong career explored textiles in a minimalist and graphic design language. He sees no contradiction in the fact that something that is industrially produced can also be seen as art.

Common to Yamamoto’s works is that they appear as both exploratory and sensory, where different materials and shapes merge into a larger composition.
Yamamoto works with both sculpture, Performance, tissue, fabric printing, and textile dyeing.
Yamamoto’s art is constant research, and through the materials, he metaphorically expresses his attitudes. Yamamoto, in particular, explores the relationship between color and identity and the relationship between activism and material experimentation.

Photo: Preben Holst
Photo: Preben Holst

Yamamoto is an active artist union worker and he was awarded the Sandfjord Art Price in 2019, and recently produced a series of commission for public space. A massive seven floors wall painting at St. Olav Hospital in Trondheim, The new Hurtigruten (curated by the Queen Sonja Print Awards), the University in Bergen, Vestli Primary school in Oslo and Tromsø University Hospital.
Kiyoshi Yamamoto works as a guest lector and MA turtor at the University in Bergen and Sami University of Applied Arts in Kautokeino.