BAR DÛ NORD / Performance at Kysten

Tron and Marita minutes away from transforming into BAR DÛ NORD.
Trond and Marita minutes away from transforming into BAR DÛ NORD.


Performance by Marita Isobel Solberg and Trond Ansten.
Location: Kysten studio building in Trond Anstens studio.

Date: 29.09.2022
As a part of our final night in Tromsø we will also served dinner and arranged a party.

A vision, an installation, a social experiment, a time machine?
In our establishment, a hybrid mixture of history, future and scientific meditation is served. Come inside to see, listen, touch, smell, sniff, have a sup, a shot, a sniff or a touch!

Also remember to read our own timeless magazine Lys Du Nord.

SOL&STEN explores our close resources and stories in an alchemical remix of past, present and future.

Trond Ansten works with sculpture, film and relational works in a symbiosis of biology, craft traditions, hybrid compositions and new inventions. Collecting material through harvesting and trapping is central to his artistry, where Ansten explores our relationship with nature.

Marita Solberg is a musician and visual artist who works with performance art, music/sound, ceramics and installations. With intentions to challenge and transform, she tries to reach into the innermost and create vibrations with lasting reverberation.