Ánde Somby / Joik and lecture performance

Joik performance lecture by Ànde Somby. Photo: Mihaly Stefanovicz
Joik performance lecture by Ànde Somby. Photo: Mihaly Stefanovicz


Ánde Somby will participate with a traditional Sami joik for our opening performance, and with a presentation related to topics addressed in Land of Prey.
Location: Rødbanken in Tromsø.

Ánde Somby, born 1958 in Buolbmat, Norway, is a traditional Sami joik artist and Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law at the Arctic University of Norway, specializing in International Indigenous Rights Law and Legal Theory. He holds the subject of international indigenous law at UIT. He also teaches legal sociology Sami law, state law and ex fac.

Wolf. From Ánde Sombys album Yoiking With the Winged Ones.

Somby has been active yoiker since 1974, also producing records with other yoikers. In 1985 he produced the LP record and MC cassette “Ean Máššan” with his father Aslak Somby (1913–2008) and mother Karen Kristine Porsanger Somby. In 1991 he produced the record Ravddas Ravdii with Inga Juuso. In 2000 he produced the record “Deh” and in 2003 Deh2 with his uncle Ivvár Niillas.

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Ánde Somby on Souncloud.

Somby is only one of few Sami with Ph.D. in law (dr. juris). Somby’s Ph.D. is titled “Juss som retorikk”. In that thesis he reconnected the Nordic jurisprudence to the classical rhetorical tradition which dates back to Plato and Aristotle. In 2009, Somby was working on a project titled “Is the legal medium the legal message?”, in which he attempted to apply Marshall McLuhan’s mantra on the medium being the message to jurisprudence.

Somby is also one of the cofounders of the Sámi publishing house and record label Dat.