Kåre Aleksander Grundvåg


Kåre Aleksander Grundvåg (b. 1984) is an artist who lives and works in Tromsø.

Grundvåg is educated from the Academy of Arts in Tromsø and is currently a PhD candidate in artistic research at UMAK, Tromsø and KMD, Bergen. Through various sculptural techniques and process-based projects, Grundvåg explores a non-human architecture. Material experimentation, bio-mimetics and traditional knowledge are included as elements in the practice, with the coastal landscape of Northern Norway as a frame of reference.

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His latest project consists of bird mountains, constructed and built by Grundvåg, to give the Kittiwake bird a shelter, as the Kittiwakes are climate refugees, escaping to live in Tromsø city, leading to conflicts between building owners wanting to protect their buildings, and the birds looking for a new home.


His latest curated exhibition titled I Hate Seagulls, curated with Camilla Fagerli, was recently exhibited at Tromsø Kunstforening

His work has recently been shown at: Entrée(2021), Bergen Kunsthall(2021), Kunsthalle Wien(2021), Kurant Visningsrom, Tromsø (2020); The Autumn Exhibition, Oslo (2019); LIAF, Svolvær (2019); Barents Spectacle, Kirkenes (2019); Meat the Future, A.K.T Pforzeim (2019); Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad (2018) and the Arctic Art Forum, Arkhangelsk (2018).

Kåre Grundvåg is also chairman of the board for NNKS – The North Norwegian Artist Center, also in charge of LIAF.