Agnete Tangrand

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Agnete Tangrand is an artist and chef based in Lofoten in the North of Norway / Sápmi.
She works with textile that are assembled from found textiles and embroydery. Her working method is an intuitive method that springs from feelings and a quest to progress and develop personally.

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The materials are often the starting point for Tangrand´s artistic processes, and a central part of the form of expression. Through an active inquiry into materials, Tangrands work explores different aspects of life. Tangrand is concerned with how different materials represent a form of hierarchy, and using materials, Tangrands works thematize the present and the past, geography and demography, class differences, economics, handicrafts and traditions.

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Tangrand works both conceptually with the materials, but also very pragmatic and in tune with a long art and craft tradition, where she combines textile collages and embroidery, in combination with other materials and artistic forms of expression. Tangrand sees the materials and the finished works as imprints of time and place.


Agnete Tangrand was born in Lofoten, and works with various mediums such as sculpture, painting, drawing, embroideries, graphics, clay and performance. She often works in parallel with several projects based on different materials. Tangrand holds an MFA from the Bergen Academy of Fine Arts from 2019. Previously, she
studied at Nordland Art and Film School in Lofoten.

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