Polymorphous Magical Substance, by Espen Gleditsch. Published by Heavy Books.


Heavy Books is one of the three publishing houses, along with Mondo Books and Lodret Vandret, invited to take part in Coast Contemporary’s second edition to present their catalogue and activities in the Hurtigruten’s library as part of the pop-up Bergen Art Book Fair.

Heavy Books is an independent publishing project and exhibition platform based in Oslo. It was founded in 2014 by the Norwegian artist Christian Tunge. The object is to explore the possibilities and limitations of the artist book and how it is presented to the public. Through Heavy Books Tunge has collaborated with over 20 Norwegian and international artists on monographs and fanzines. Heavy has also curated Oslo Fotobokfestival and several group exhibitions in galleries in Norway. By regularly showing at some of the worlds leading art book fairs Heavy aims to present a new generation of camera based artists to an international audience.

Artist books presented by Heavy Books on board

Apophenia by Christian Tunge
Cities by Christian Tunge
Dismantling by Behzad Farazollahi
Fade To Black by Kristian Skylstad
Polymorphous Magical Substance by Espen Gleditsch
Raumfluch by Ida Nissen
Sönder by Erik Viklund
The Games by Christian Tunge
Too Familiar To Ignore, Too Different To Tolerate by Christian Tunge
Two Tides by Christian Tunge