Archive 2019

The third edition

I thought I could organize freedom
How Scandinavian of me

Hunter, Björk
(Homogenic, 1997)

What lies in solidarity economics and the uniquely strong artist run scene in Norway?
In the third edition we presented artists engaging in artist organizations and artist unions, the political art scene in Norway and how it operates, mixed with international views on collaboration and future prospects.
Speakers included artists, unions, curators, museums, writers and institutions relating to the topic. Programme consisted of talks, debates, installations, conversations, presentations, podcasts, exhibitions, screenings, food, performance, group conversations and readings. Curated by Sverre Gullesen and Tanja Sæter

We presented artists with desire to influence our society. These are artists with a professional and political commitment to the art field or to their community, but also artists with an art production who seek to influence a larger public. What are the driving forces behind the artists, and what strategies are used to achieve an impact?
How is the politics of exhibition and the institutions affected and what are the international differences?

The journey started in Molde and we spent three days on the island Håholmen, before continuing to Kristiansund, boarding the former mail ship Hurtigruten and ending in Bergen. Traveldates 15 – 20 of October, 2019.

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